Supporting the Social Model of Disability

Supporting the Social Model of Disability

Below I have copied an email that I received from Disability  Wales   regarding the social model of disability. It is important that everyone understands  the social model as we aim to create a truly inclusive society.

Hello Members

We are very happy to announce the publication of our Social Model Toolkit.

The toolkit has been created with disabled people to provide information on what the social model is, how it differs from the medical model and why we believe it should be implemented across Wales. We look at the different disabling barriers which exist and how we can all improve accessibility.

We also have a section for organisations to use, looking at making a workplace more inclusive and how to improve engagement with disabled people.

The files can be downloaded as a pdf or word document, from our website from our Social Model page or resources

We hope our toolkit we will useful and ask for everyone to share wide! Let’s get everyone using the social model!


DW Team

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