Update Pending

Update Pending

I haven’t forgotten the kindness of strangers – and people that I know of course – who donated to my GoFundMe page and enabled my trip to Florida to go ahead at the end of May.

My eyes were opened to certain difficulties that still exist for disabled people travelling away from home. I want to share all my stories – good and bad – with all who donated to my fund, but first I must allow some time for my travel agent, Enable Holidays, to conduct their own investigation into what occurred during this short break.

Thank you for your patience and I will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, I am enjoying my Thera Trainer exercise bike and am continuing to cycle the 6773km needed for me to “virtually” complete the distance.

I am currently making slow progress, but at the same time I am increasing the total distance that I ride everyday. Today I managed to knock off another 8km and the total distance I have travelled is 448.7km. That is not bad when you consider my disability, and remember that when I put my mind to something I always like to see it through.

It would be easier if I had the motivational software that the Thera Trainer company provide. You can see this by clicking here.

It would allow me to play games while I cycle using the hand pedals of my Thera Trainer, but the real attraction is the fact I could travel round various cities around the globe. These could be projected onto my 50″ tv and really help with my health and well-being. However, I can not use Direct Payment money for this as WCBC Adult Social Care and the Direct Payments department are being difficult as ever.

I will not go into too much detail at the moment as my battles with the local council continue to burn brightly. I will just have to bite my tongue for the time being and continue doing my daily exercise while staring at white walls. Lucky some of us have untold amounts of willpower…

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