On the Road

On the Road

Just making the first of many progress reports about my 6773km cycle from my home address in Wrexham to International Drive in Orlando, Florida. 

I have been keeping a record of the distance I have travelled since I started using my Thera Trainer back in March. I have been developing the distance that I do every day and I have currently reached between 12km and 13km daily in three 30 minute sessions. 

Overall, I have done just under 600km so far and will be aiming to break that 600km mark today. 

To maintain my motivation, I am considering launching a sponsorship page and would like to purchase some motivational software – provided by Thera Trainer – that would allow me to travel round various countries worldwide. I can even play games using this motivational software that can be seen below.

The trouble is that this software is not cheap to purchase. I had more than enough in my Direct Payments account which I have always used responsibly. I would need to do battle again with WCBC before they grant permission for me to use Direct Payment funds on such a item, even though I would argue that it is absolutely essential for my mental health and physical well-being needs under the SSWBA. 

I really want to develop this scheme and become a worldwide cyclist and benefit charity in much the same way as Sir Thomas Moore (30 April 1920 – 2 February 2021). This is something that is important to me, but I am receiving no help to achieve my goal from Wrexham Council Adult Social Care. 

The cost of this software system would be £920, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I would easily have enough in my Direct Payments account to pay for such an item, but trying to get anything out of Wrexham Council is notoriously difficult as they are not interested in helping disabled people thrive to reach their maximum potential. 

I will do everything I can to ensure all disabled people – not just myself – can live and develop on a level playing field with the rest of society. In the meantime I will keep pushing forward with my hand pedals and keep you all updated with my progress. 

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