Florida Update

Florida Update

Time is running out until I go to Florida for my first short break from Wrexham for 24 years.

I am currently cycling using my Thera Trainer bike every day. I am using the hand pedals to cycle the distance from Wrexham to Orlando, Florida. The total distance from my house to my desired destination is 6,766km so I had better get a move on. I think we had estimated that this challenge would take me over 2.5years.

As of May 15th, I have so far cycled 325.9km which is a pretty good start even though I have missed quite a number of days through depression and the ongoing saga with a far from supportive Local Authority.

I am looking forward to the second half of the year as it promises much.   Now is the time for me to start living my life and squeezing as much as possible out of every day that I have on this bonkers planet.  Much more will be revealed in future blogs.


One place I will not be visiting during my stay in Orlando is Gulfstream Park.  This is home to horse racing and a casino in the Hallandale Beach area of Florida.  This is over a 3 hour drive from Orlando and as well as hiring a vehicle I would also have to hire a driver for the day.  In total this would cost over $1,000 each way and that is before fuel has been purchased, food has been consumed and any gambling has been thought of.

I always watch the racing from Gulfstream Park and enjoy the distinctive tones of commentator Peter Aiello.  I will never be so close to Gulfstream Park again, but I really can’t justify spending almost as much as the cost of the flights from Manchester to Orlando.  I will concentrate on spending my time and money more wisely in the Orlando area and making sure that I can get value for money to maximise my fun.

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