Assisted Dying Bill will harm disabled rights

Assisted Dying Bill will harm disabled rights

I have shared the post below from the Disabled People Against Cuts website, as this letter deserves all he attention it can get. I encourage all of my readers, those with a heart anyway, to read and share the following before reminding yourselves that we are living in 21st century Britain, not a fascist regime of the dark ages…


Copy of letter that appeared in today’s Daily Telegraph:

SIR – We are from different political backgrounds but are united in our opposition to the attempt to change the law on assisted dying.

Baroness Meacher’s Bill would disproportionately threaten disabled people, question the value of our lives and suggest that assisted suicide is an option we “should” be considering.

Rights groups have long been concerned about pressure being put on disabled people to end their lives prematurely for fear of being a personal or financial burden on loved ones.

The legal, medical and social implications of the Bill for disabled people are enormous. They need to know that doctors are obliged to do all they can to help everyone to live a good life. The current law keeps unconscious discrimination and social bias towards disabled people in check.

Supporters of the Bill neglect to mention that none of the leading disability rights groups support a change in the law. Given Covid’s disproportionate impact on disabled people – 60 per cent of deaths – it is crucial that protection is strengthened. This Bill would weaken it, with fatal unintended consequences. We urge our colleagues to oppose the Bill.

Baroness Campbell of Surbiton (Crossbench)
Baroness Grey-Thompson (Crossbench)
Lord Shinkwin (Con)
London SW1

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