Oxford Vaccine Administered

Oxford Vaccine Administered

I am happy to report that I have finally received my first vaccination against COVID-19. I have spent the last few days writing emails and complaining across social media about the lack of attention I have received during this pandemic, even though my neurologist confirms that I am extremely clinically vulnerable to this virus. 

I owe a big thank you to  everyone who has supported me ahead of obtaining the vaccination and special thanks must go to whoever telephoned my GP surgery to sort them out. I believe that someone must have read them the riot act, because this morning I received a phone call inviting me for the vaccine, and I also got a text from the surgery to notify me that my shielding letter was now available. 

I would encourage all disabled people who are classed as extremely vulnerable to follow my lead if they have not yet received their vaccines. Depending on the disability, this task might fall to support workers, family or friends. It is a sad state of affairs, but disabled people and those around them, must fight for what is rightfully theirs – this is something that I learnt whilst leading the #SaveWILG campaign.

I will cut this blog short as I just really wanted to notify everyone that I have now received my first vaccination. Now is it time to look forward to my birthday tomorrow with a higher degree of hope for the future. 

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