Emergency on Planet Earth #41

Emergency on Planet Earth #41


 What follows is a random collection of thoughts from a human being trapped in 21st Century British society.


As we gradually ease out of lockdown and are faced with a ‘new-normal’, this presents a whole load of questions for everyone stranded in 21st Century Britain. I can only talk about myself and the indecision I am suffering over which direction to take as we move forward towards an inevitable second spike.

A lot will depend on the results of my forthcoming reassessment by ICS. I have spent four years of my life campaigning for independent living for former recipients of the Independant Living Fund in Wales through the #SaveWILG campaign. Hopefully, all my hard work will come to a successful conclusion next month. If I am granted the support I undoubtedly need to meet my physical and mental wellbeing needs, maybe then I can begin achieving everything that I have wanted to for the past decade.

My independent living support plan needs a lot of work. I will be striving to change things and enable myself to get the most out of life. This is neither the time nor the place to discuss what changes I hope to make, but I just want to be able to take the creative ideas that are locked in my mind, and put them into practice.

I have recently taken on a new member of staff, and I am hopeful that, coupled with the return of a member of staff who took maternity leave, I will soon be in a position to move forward once again.

As well as a few writing projects that I want to complete, I am also interested in developing visual art pieces that need putting on to paper. At the moment I spend a good portion of my day in my office. This needs to stop, especially at weekends. I do want to build my writing and art portfolio, but this needs to be in conjunction with an increased social life. Who knows, this could even lead to a relationship of sorts with a significant other? This is not the time to be trying to establish a relationship, and I am more than happy with the friendships that I currently foster. You never know what the future may hold though, and I will definitely rule this out.

I discussed my feelings concerning relationships in the blog that can be found by clicking on this link.

I am definitely wanting to get a new mobile, so that I can join Instagram and develop my online presence. There is also the forthcoming journey that I will be documenting on this blog, to the 1983/84 football season. I hope that this will provide someting for everyone, as as well as classic football matches from that era, I will also be documenting all aspects of popular culture from 36-37 years ago.

The only thing that I can promise is that there will be plenty of changes coming up, as I have reached a pivotal point in my life.

Enjoying a night with friends – something that I need to do more often in the months and years ahead. 


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