LabourList: Mark Drakeford to step down after 2021 election

LabourList: Mark Drakeford to step down after 2021 election

The article below was published this morning on LabourList. It is the news I have been dreading since Mark Drakeford was elected in December 2018. 

This confirmation of his intentions comes at a time when I am trying to iron out the details of my independent reassessment through ICS. I will tie up all loose ends to ensure the success we achieved through the #SaveWILG campaign, bares fruition.

This is a decisive time for Welsh Labour. Under the leadership of Drakeford, the party has developed the unique brand of 21st Century socialism has been so popular with the people of Wales. The last thing we need, is for Welsh Labour to return to the centre-right as it did during the dark days of Carwyn Jones.

One thing is for sure, I will be campaigning hard to make sure the next leader of Welsh Labour, shares the same socialist ideals as Drakeford proudly promoted. We can only hope a left-wing candidate comes forward, to steer Wales through the difficult days that will no doubt follow this perilous period of lockdown.

I am not about to pay tribute to Drakeford – this is not the time, as many more challenges are inevitable before he stands down – but I would like to pledge my determination, to ensure the Labour Party in Wales remains true to its socialist principles.


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First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford has reaffirmed his intention to step down from the head of the devolved administration during his next term if re-elected in the 2021 election.

Drakeford told BBC Politics Wales this morning that his “plan hasn’t changed’, and explained that his 70th birthday would “be time for somebody else to have a chance to do this job”.

The Welsh Labour leader argued that “this is the normal pattern of things here in Wales”, pointing out that Carwyn Jones had led the party into the last election before handing over to Drakeford in 2018.

Asked whether he had changed his plans, he said: “If we’re successful I will form a government, I will serve as head of that government well in to the next Senedd term and then my plan will be to hand it on to somebody else in advance of an election.

“It will be time for somebody else to do this difficult and demanding job. As well as a job, it is a privilege to have had the opportunity to fill.”

When he announced his intention to stand for the leadership in 2018, Drakeford had said that he would lead Labour into the next election before stepping down for a “new generation of leaders to put themselves forward”.

The First Minister won the Welsh Labour leadership election in December 2018, securing 53.9% of the votes on the second round of counting and beating Vaughan Gething and Eluned Morgan.


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