Open Letter Regarding 2:1 Support

Open Letter Regarding 2:1 Support

I was sad to learn about the death of Wrexham Archives Assistant, Julian Crute, he helped me a great deal with my research into Wrexham AFC football matches and was always polite and enthusiastic. May he rest in peace.



I have spent the last 10 years fighting for my right to Independent Living. With the help of my comrades, l led the campaign to Save the Welsh Independent Living Grant (#SaveWILG) – something that we are still trying to bring to a satisfactory conclusion.

While l have been carving out a reputation as a disability activist, it has been unfortunate that my neurological condition has progressed. It is no longer possible for me to communicate with the outside world without support. I am sure you can imagine that is very frustrating for someone with such a creative and active mind. I have several writing projects that l wish to pursue, l need to express myself artistically and it is my intention to continue with my activism.

The problem is that the PAs that I employ have other duties to fulfil during a shift – washing, toileting, showering, dressing, eating, drinking, cleaning, cooking and the like. I am often unable to get the thoughts that are locked inside my head on to paper whether it be a blog, poem or a piece of art. This obviously effects my mental health and I feel that I am constantly searching for an escape route from the prison of frustration that I have been sentenced to.

Thankfully, l live in Wales and we have the Social Services and Wellbeing Act to protect me – at least on paper. I think it is about time that disabled people stood up for what they are legally entitled to.

The 24/7 support that l have fought so hard for is a starting point not an end point. Having one person with me 24/7 provides safety and basic support but the Act is designed to ensure that EVERYONE has a “legally enforceable right” to a decent quality of life .I fully intend to live what is left of my life to the full, although l cannot do this  without adequate support.

Hopefully, l will be able to achieve my goal of 2:1 support without too much hassle. My previous experiences with local authorities do not fill me with confidence, but the route to achieving the support an individual needs to live life to the full, needs to be opened up so that each member of society is able to compete and contribute on a level playing field.

Nathan Lee Davies

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