Justice for Gerald Marshall

Justice for Gerald Marshall

About seven years ago, I started writing to prisoners on Death Row. After much research, I decided to keep in regular contact with Gerald Marshall #999489, who is imprisoned in the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas. 

Due to my work on the #SaveWILG campaign, I did not keep up the commitment I had made to Gerald. I am deeply sorry about this. I still talk about Gerald and the harshness of his sentence. Indeed, I was only talking about him last week and made a decision to get back in touch with him.

Imagine my surprise then, when I received a letter from him yesterday morning. I will be replying to him very quickly, as I believe in him and the merits of his case. I want to use this blog to highlight the injustice against Gerald Marshall, and help him in any way I can. He is in urgent need of a decent standard of legal representation. There is little I can do to help him in this respect, but I can communicate with him and find ways of offering hope.

You may be thinking, why the hell am I bothering with someone from Death Row? I know there are plenty of differences between us, but I can only see the similarities. We are both trapped and imprisoned, we are both authors, we are both artists, we are both sexually frustrated and we are both victims of a political system gone wrong.

I know that he made a choice to go down the wrong road, while I had no control over my genetic make-up, but I want to help someone who had a traumatic upbringing and has been the victim of a glaring injustice, as you can see in the details of his case that I have copied from his excellent website below.

I will not be sharing the letters written between Gerald and I, as they are personal letters between two friends. However, I will be keeping you up to date with Gerald’s progress and the multiple ideas I have to help him, as I know how it feels to be redundant of hope.

I encourage everyone reading this to take a closer look at Gerald’s website and the background to his case before showing some humanity and helping him in any way you see fit. 




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