A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember



Last night I was privileged to attend a gig in support of North East Wales Momentum/Welsh Labour Grassroots at the excellent, and fully accessible, Set the Bar venue in Wrexham.

There were some brilliantly talented artists performing rhythmic poetry, melodic musicians and rousing political speakers.

However, the best thing about the night was the sense of community amongst the socialist throng. It was great to see so many familiar faces and enjoy the entertainment provided without once feeling conscious of my disability on a night where everyone was considered equal.

I even got a friendly kiss on the cheek from one of the stars of the show, which meant more to me than you could ever imagine. To me such a innocent peck meant that I was accepted and no different to anyone else. How refreshing ūüôā

This is the type of society that I want to live in as I am exhausted with the current “survival of the fittest” capitalist system that we currently inhabit.

Such an artistic evening, also got me thinking that I should begin to write my second book. It really was an inspirational evening and I would like to thank all my comrades who attended, performed and helped organise a memorable event.

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