Nightingale by Gill and Anderson

Nightingale by Gill and Anderson

This afternoon I was traipsing around Birmingham City Centre searching for fibreglass owls. One I found was number 34: Nightingale by Miah Gill (Design) and Glenn Anderson (Painter).


Miah Gill is a student at Tudor Grange Academy Solihull. She won the Lloyds Bank Competition to design an owl and working with artist Glenn Anderson, they produced Nightingale. Inspired by the song Nightingale by American recording artist Demi Lovato, the owl’s design captures the essence of the music; a lonely owl perches on a branch, looking out across a busy cityscape and watching the birds fly away, under the moon’s haunting light.

Glenn Anderson is a Birmingham art legend, who sites ‘places, adventures, discovery, and the five+ sensory emotions’ as examples of the inspiration for his work.  He believes that these experiences are caught and manifest themselves in strange ways, and that the human ‘amplifier’ needs to do something with that energy in positive ways.  Glenn’s work features typography – both conventional and non-conventional – and he works in Biro, with aerosol, planks of weathered wood and rusted nails and much, much more.


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