Crowdfunding Success

Crowdfunding Success

I am totally humbled by the generosity of friends and strangers who have contributed towards my short-break in Florida. The GoFundMe page is currently at £5,825 and I am so pleased to prove Margaret Thatcher wrong when she said that there is no such thing as society.

Thatcher: We are an impersonator | The Arts Desk

There clearly is, as I have been supported by good people who can sympathise with the appalling treatment I have suffered from the hands of WCBC Adult Social Care.

The crowd-funder has climbed above what I was originally asking for, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. If people want to make sure that I have a short-beak to remember, then that is really kind, but there must be a point for me to close the crowd-funder and either give the money to charity, or fund future trips away.

I will always treat this money with great care and responsibility. I will publish receipts and record every single penny that I spend.

I feel so happy that I live in a society full of good people who can recognise injustice, and have big enough hearts to resolve the difficulties that I have been facing.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

I have chosen to ignore the right wing critics who object to a disabled person daring to dream of having a short break as they clearly do not understand the full picture. I have had so much support from people facing similar problems and I will continue fighting for them when I can.

My petition is still live with the Welsh Government and I am hoping to be in Cardiff in March to discuss the petition with the Petitions Committee at the Senedd. Click on this paragraph to visit the petition page. Thanks again for your continued support. 

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