Author offers proofreading service…

Author offers proofreading service…

Like everyone, I have been feeling the pinch as the cost of living crisis continues to grow.  With energy costs going through the roof along with prohibitive prices of petrol/diesel, it is becoming cheaper to stay inside rather than going out to enjoy a relaxing pint, or a meal out.  Indeed, the cost of a delicious plate of food is likely to turn the stomach of anyone other than the lucky individual who just won the lottery – such is the cost of food nowadays.

I was looking at ways of making some extra money in order to keep my head above water in these trying times.  My book, Dirty Old Town, is continuing to sell well without any support from the football club that I have written about. This is a blessing of sorts, but I know that the book would have sold out already with the backing of our new Hollywood owners.

I am proud that I have sold amazingly well so far with the support of local businesses and supporters who understand the true essence of the club.  I was honoured to sell a copy of the book this morning to Waynne Phillips who was a true hero of mine throughout the 1990’s and when he returned to the club after a brief stint with Stockport County.

Anyway, I am digressing from the point of this blog.  I do have several projects in my head to try to raise money, but one way in which I can really start to make money is by offering my proofreading skills to potential customers in the business world or individuals.  I have a lot of experience in this field as I spent years working with the Wrexham Leader as a Sub Editor – basically meaning that I would check the work of other journalists and make changes before going to press.

I have also written 3 books in the last decade, so I know all about punctuation and grammar.  I seem to have been born for the proofreading role, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel that I can help you or your business in some small way with my eagle eyes.

I look forward to hearing from any interested  parties and starting to help others communicate effectively.

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