The Next Steps…

The Next Steps…

Sales of Dirty Old Town are still ticking over nicely and I am overjoyed with the reaction that I have received towards the book that I have been working on for the past eight years. 

This is an ideal time to be reading about the club’s past in the Football League, as we are on the verge of a long summer without any football before we start a new season in the EFL. Why not relive our past glories – and humiliations – in preparation for our new challenges? Impress your friends and family with your range of new knowledge about Wrexham AFC’s proud history, while remembering former heroes that represented the club in financially leaner years. 

We are also rapidly approaching Father’s Day and Dirty Old Town would be a great gift for any Wrexham supporting father figure that you are lucky enough to have in your life.  

I am also thinking of the next project that I am hoping to start.   I have many options, but I am trying to think of what will be the most profitable and enjoyable route for me to take.  

One of these options is to create a YouTube channel of my own about living with Ataxia.  I am struggling with my dexterity, so being able to be productive without typing any words on a keyboard is very appealing.   I am just scared that the whole project will fall flat on its face, as I really do have a face for radio.  

The other option is that I try to develop my collage artwork which I hope will prove popular with my target market.  More details about this in the coming months.  

My books are also available to buy online from my shop page or at different locations around Wrexham.  If you have already read Dirty Old Town why not try downloadable copies of my other books – Every Silver Lining has a Cloud  or Dancing on Thin Ice .  The former book is a autobiographical journey around the football grounds of the Welsh Premier League back in 2011.  Dancing on Thin Ice  is a collection of punchy poems that reflect the frustrations of living with a disability in 21st century Britain.  This was published in 2019.  I do have hard copies of these books available so please contact me via the contact page, or via social media to get a copy.  

Please enjoy the video below that I created to promote Every Silver Lining has a Cloud  while I work out what direction to go next… 

Keep your eyes pealed for an announcement coming soon.  


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