Progress Report

Progress Report

It is exhausting work to constantly swim against the tide. My principles won’t let me do otherwise, but such is life.

Dirty Old Town is selling well and my thanks go to Lesley Griffiths and PA James Richards have done a great job with the write up and my sincere thanks to both of them for this. You can read the Leader Live report on the book by clicking on this paragraph. 

It really means a lot to receive such positive feedback from Wrexham supporters worldwide and I am already formulating plans for the future.

The hardback editions of the book have now sold out completely and I am focusing on selling the remainder of the softback editions, before considering a re-print.

Without any support from the club up to this point, I am considering approaching local businesses to provide sponsorship in return for advertisements placed within the book. If you know of any businesses that would welcome the opportunity to sponsor a local author, then please do get in touch. 

Thanks go to Gareth Collins for making the following video, which shows readers the quality of the contents of Dirty Old Town.…/23498964.wrexham…/…

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