Time to face the strange…

Time to face the strange…

The article you are about to read is based on a conversation with WordPress Support. I have just previewed this post before publishing it and discovered that the problems that I thought I had, are not actually concerns at the moment. Maybe they will be problems one day and the issues discussed below are still relevant due to the out of date theme that I am using to maintain this blog. 


You may have noticed that my blog no longer features my social media feeds, or the tag cloud, or the list of links that I have built up over the past ten years or more.

I wrote to WordPress Support to alert them to this problem in the hope that it could be resolved in a simple manner. I have copied my conversation with the WordPress team below and as you can see, I am going to have to make massive changes to my blog.

To be honest, I could do without all this. My time is being eaten up with the new book on Wrexham AFC that I have just finished and I am in the process of making a series of collages that can be sold. This will hopefully help me through the cost of energy crisis that is effecting us all in the UK. When combined with the social care crisis, these really are tough times…

The writing was always on the wall as soon as WordPress announced the launch of their new block editor. As regular readers will know, I am a bit of a technophobe and did not welcome this new editor – choosing instead to stay with the classic editor. I always knew that WordPress would find a way of dragging me, kicking and screaming, into the modern world.

I don’t really have much option, but to do exactly what this capitalist company want me to. The option of paying $499 is probably what I will end up doing as I do not have the time or inclination to learn how to build a WordPress site using the block editor. They have got me exactly where they want me.

Of course, it could be a good thing that I will soon have a more professional looking blog to attract members of the younger generation (as if the youth of today are interested in articles on Wrexham AFC or the moaning of a middle-aged Welshman).

Anyway, here is the conversation that I had with WordPress Support yesterday. Please be patient with me as I try to grapple with new technology and fathom out the new block editor. We will get there, but it may take a little time. If you are in a position to help me with this upgrade, please do get in touch.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Just for the record, our chat transcript is included below. Hope we were able to help, and let us know if you need anything else!

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 4:21 PMThe widgets added to my site do not appear to be showing. Is this due to a technical problem, or something more serious? Can I expect the widgets to be back online soon? Many thanks for your help.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:22 PMHi there, one moment please while I check on your widgets to confirm.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:32 PMStill looking into this thank you for your patience!

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 4:33 PMOK, no problem.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:36 PMIt looks like the theme you’re using doesn’t support a sidebar when you set it to display your latest posts on the homepage: https://d.pr/i/kfh86P

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:37 PMIf you’d like the sidebar to appear on the homepage as well, you’ll need to set that to use a specific static page: https://wordpress.com/support/pages/front-page/

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 4:42 PMI have used this theme for over ten years, and not experienced a problem.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:43 PMThe theme you’re using is quite old, and now retired: https://d.pr/i/Aisd98

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:43 PMIt may be worth considering upgrading to a more modern theme for the future.

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 4:43 PMI would worry about losing all of my content if I switched themes.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:43 PMThemes change your site appearance, they don’t impact the content itself.

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 4:44 PMWould I still be able to use the classic editor on a new theme?

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:45 PMSince you’re customizing your sidebar, I would suggest upgrading to the Block Editor instead, so you can take advantage of Full Site Editing features: https://wordpress.com/support/full-site-editing/ Modern themes with Full Site Editing support are our most flexible and customizable themes.

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 4:45 PMI would need some technical support to change themes, as I cannot risk losing over a decade’s worth of blogs.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:46 PMNo worries! We’ll be here if you need any assistance.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:46 PMSwitching themes doesn’t risk content loss, but if this is something you’re worried about in general, please note on our Business plan we take daily automatic backups of your site.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:47 PMWhich would allow you to experiment with your site stress free, as you can always return to a previous working version! 🙂

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 4:51 PMThe problem is, that I am a disabled client who has poor dexterity and I am a little bit of a technophobe. I am used to using the classic editor, and I do not wish to change ATM. If it could all be done for me, I would be happy to pay a small amount for clear and ongoing guidance.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:54 PMWe’d be happy to help guide you if you have any questions about the process! No charge needed, that’s what our support is here for.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:54 PMIf you’d like us to build your upgraded site for you, we have an option available for this: https://wordpress.com/do-it-for-me/?utm_campaign=happiness

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:55 PMI’m not sure if $499 is a small amount to you, as this will vary from person to person, but just one option I wanted to share in case you’re interested.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:56 PMLive chat and email support is included with your plan, and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions and guide you through!

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:56 PMWe also have some really great webinars you might be interested in that could help make things less intimidating: https://wordpress.com/webinars/

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:56 PMSpecifically the: – Getting Started: Website Building 101 – Quick Start: Blogging Webinars I think would be helpful.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 4:57 PMAnd if you haven’t yet, check out the video on this page: https://wordpress.com/support/full-site-editing/ You might find it inspiring to see just how creative you can get with your site thanks to FSE!

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 5:06 PMMany thanks for this message. You suggest some very helpful ways of me being dragged into the modern age. It is not something that I particularly want to do, but it seems that I have little option. I will try to work things out, and with the help of the support team at WordPress I am sure I will be able to set up an improved blog that will receive many regular visitors.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 5:07 PMI understand, we’ll always be happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have! Did you have any other questions for me at this time?

nld01Thu, Mar 17, 5:14 PMNo further questions at the moment. What makes this particularly challenging is that I can no longer use a keyboard, and rely on the help of personal assistants. I only have support with technical issues such as this at certain parts of the day/week. I will be in touch soon, and I really do appreciate your help. Have a nice day.

WP.comThu, Mar 17, 5:15 PMYou’re welcome and thank you, you as well! 🙂

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