Technical Support Needed

Technical Support Needed

As I try to get the most out of 2022 I am increasingly in need of some technical support as the modern world threatens to run away from me. I just not have the expertise to fully immerse myself in the constantly changing world of tomorrow.

When I tell you what support I need, you will probably scoff and snort, because what I am actually asking for is nothing particularly advanced. Indeed, there are things that I probably should have mastered years ago…

To begin with, one of the features that I would like to host on my blog is an online shop. I have looked at doing this via a WordPress plug in, but it seems that to do this I would have to change my domain name and this is something that I am not prepared to do. I have over 1,000 posts on this site and I am really not wanting to tamper with things and risk losing the previous posts that I have worked on.

Instead, I would like to simply create an independent store and provide a link to this on my blog. I am sure someone out there would be able to help me with this.

What would I actually hope to sell in this virtual store? Well for a start there are my two books, Every Silver Lining has a Cloud (above) and Dancing on Thin Ice (below) and the collages that I am currently creating. I also have plenty of things that I would like to sell on eBay, but would rather sell these myself and keep 100% of the profit.

I am also looking to create Kindle copies of my books mentioned above. Surely this can’t be that difficult?

I wish I had the knowledge needed to unlock doors to the exciting modern world, but I don’t. I am therefor asking if there is anyone out there with the time and the ability to help me reach my goals.

Don’t all rush at once…..


I am also about to look for publishers for my Wrexham AFC book of which I am currently writing the final chapter. It would be great to have this available on all formats, but I am merely the writer and do not know how to best market and produce this product.

For the cartoonists amongst you, I wonder if anyone can provide Mr Men type cartoons for my spoof creation that appeared in Every Silver Lining has a Cloud. It is about time that this character – Mr Cynic – was celebrated in a book of his own. I would like to create other characters as well and follow in the footsteps of Roger Hargreaves by building a whole army of colourful personalities. The fact that my creations will be for adults only should not come as much of a surprise.

I am sure there are more things that I need help with as I cannot even manipulate a touch screen mobile phone by myself and I am struggling to use my laptop without the support of my Personal Assistants. If I think  of any other areas where help would be useful, I will simply add it to this blog.

Thanks for reading this far and anything you can do to help me in anyway is much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me via Twitter, Facebook or via the contact page on this blog.


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