Why Wales needs Welsh Labour

Why Wales needs Welsh Labour

Yesterday I received an email, congratulating me on my work as a disability activist. It is pleasing that I receive recognition for trying to make Welsh society more equal for everyone.

The correspondent in question goes on to state that “the best outcome for disabled people in Wales is to work towards independence”, before asking what my views are on this?

It is a good question that certainly needs considering as we head towards the Senedd elections next month. I have decided to write the following blog and state the many reasons why it is imperative for us all that Welsh Labour remain in power. I will do this by pointing out many of the achievements of a party that cannot be tarred with the same brush as the incompetent Labour opposition that is being run into the ground by Kier Starmer in Westminster.

Since the departure of Carwyn Jones as Welsh Labour leader, a new brand of 21st century socialism has been rolled out in spectacular fashion by Mark Drakeford.

-no longer is public money being sent to companies in tax havens

-the rail network has been taken back into public ownership

-we have seen massively increased spending on education and free school meals

– Wales are working towards a UBI (Universal Basic Income)

-there has been major strides taken towards ensuring that all companies take care of employee’s mental health as well as their physical wellbeing. This is also being ‘policed’

-the Welsh Government has also protected former ILF recipients and ensured they can continue to live independently after our successful #SaveWILG campaign

-Wales were the first government to declare a climate emergency

-the M4 relief road was rejected on environmental grounds, although I believe that the loon of Downing Street is trying to find a way to overturn this

-Wales is one of the top countries on the planet in terms of recycling

-prescribed medication is free of charge

-private companies are also being kept as far as possible from our beloved NHS

-Mark Drakeford and the Welsh Government itself have a high approval rating, even during lockdown which has created an extremely difficult and unprecedented political situation

-Welsh Labour have handled the Covid crisis brilliantly. The track and trace system that we introduced has been far more successful than the one in England

-black and ethnic history is now embedded in curriculums throughout Wales

-care staff received a £500 bonus, which I believe is to be repeated in the coming months

There are probably loads of other achievements that I have missed out, but this was simply a list off the top of my head. I think it is obvious that the people of Wales will be safest in the hands of Welsh Labour in the difficult years to come following the pandemic.

The only complaint that I have about Welsh Labour is that they are not vocal enough about everything they have achieved. There are signs that they are improving in this respect though which is encouraging. Now is certainly not the time to be hiding their light under a bushel.

With respect to independence, I am certainly heading in that direction, but my current preference is definitely towards the maximum amount of devolution possible.

I am sure that you can see why I will be voting for Lesley Griffiths in my local area and urge others to vote for their Welsh Labour representative.

**I am happy for this blog to be used in any way to promote Welsh Labour as we head towards a critical time for politics in Wales. Maybe I should use this as a basis for a letter to a number of newspapers throughout the country. All I ask is that I am given credit along with my close friend and comrade Adam Samuels.**

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