Coronavirus Vaccination Access Needs Call Out

Coronavirus Vaccination Access Needs Call Out

Happy February to all my readers. I received an email this morning from DPAC that contained two news items that I thought were worth sharing on this blog. I hope they prove useful. The original article can be found by clicking on this link.


DPAC are collecting disabled people’s experiences of how the NHS contacted you to book an appointment for the coronavirus vaccine and were your access needs met for booking, time of appointments offered and travel to vaccination centre.

We are hearing some disabled people’s experiences of only contacting the vaccination centre by email; missing phone calls and taken off the vaccination list meaning person has to make alternative arrangements with local pharmacy and offered an appointment miles away from their home with no support in place to attend the appointment.

If you have had the vaccine, how were you contacted? did you experience experience any barriers to book an appointment and what support you needed to book an appointment, having to change appointment time offered as early morning appointment times are often inaccessible for disabled people to attend due to access needs for example.

Did you feel anxious to travel to your appointment because you’re sheilding worrying about public transport or the expense to travel there? were you offered an appointment at your nearest vaccination centre or one some distance away?

Your experiences are important to us and treated confidentiality. Your experiences will be collated to be given to MPs

Please contact us here

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