Book Launch – More than a Left Foot

Book Launch – More than a Left Foot

More than a left foot – Resistance Books

More Than A Left Foot by Bob Williams-Findlay is being published by Resistance Books and should be essential reading for all disability activists.

Bob traces his experience of life, discrimination and political awakening both as an individual and as part of a specific social group. This journey links disability politics to a wider politics within students, disabled peoples, trade union and labour movements. The book places the struggles for the emancipation of disabled people within the context of Bob’s life journey.

There is an opportunity to virtually attend this book launch on Tuesday 23 June, 19:00 (BST) by following the links below. 

Speakers at the event will include Bob Williams-Findlay, Sandra Daniels and Paul Mackney. 

About the speakers

Bob Williams-Findlay has been a leading disability activist in Britain for thirty years appearing on TV and being a keynote speaker at numerous conferences. He has written numerous articles on Disability Politics and Social Oppression.

Sandra Daniels has known Bob for over twenty years. She was involved in Direct Action Network and other disability related campaigns. Sandra and Bob have worked around DPAC, XR Rebellion and Left Unity Disabled Members Caucus, as well as in other political activity.

Paul Mackney, Natfhe/UCU general Secretary (1997-2007), has known Bob Williams-Findlay for over forty years. Bob inducted Paul into an understanding of the social model approach of disability. Paul, as President of Birmingham Trades Council, was involved in establishing the Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre which was associated, towards the end of the 1980s with a small disability rights campaign unit co-ordinated by Bob.

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