Demand Change at WST/WAFC

Demand Change at WST/WAFC

My attention has just been drawn to a petition that is being hosted by, in relation to the necessary changes needed at Wrexham AFC. This is an issue that is very close to my heart, as I am one of the disgruntled supporters who currently refuses to support the club whilst it is being run by the current regime. 

The petition text has been copied below. It is the finest piece of writing about our football club, that I have read for a long time. I fully support every word, and encourage others – whether you are a fan of Wrexham, or not – to sign the petition. 

The petition can be signed by clicking here.



An open letter back to the Wrexham Supporters Trust and the board of Wrexham AFC

As you have stated that during the COVID-19 pandemic, football is low on a lot of people’s priority lists. However, it can be argued that for many supporters of Wrexham AFC the football club was becoming less of a priority anyway.

In your statement you wrote:

“the future of the Football Club depends on us uniting”

I completely agree. However, uniting the fanbase is impossible without wholesale changes at the club.

Amongst other grievances; frequent poor managerial appointments, the lack of entertainment or success on the pitch, the appalling treatment of the disabled supporter’s association, not instigating what the club members voted for, not being open to accountability, a lack of communication on key issues and not addressing the allegations that the club was close to administration under the WST’s guidance has left a bitter taste in the mouths of Wrexham fans.

Under the guidance of the current board members and their appointments to the football management positions, we have endured our worst ever season in 156 years as a football club. Many supporters feel alienated, apathetic and disinterested in a football club that just a short while ago they were immensely passionate about.

Continuing with the same set-up we have, with the same individuals holding key positions will not heal the divides. Many have expressed that whilst certain individuals are still employed as part of the football management set-up, they will not attend the Racecourse again. Many have expressed that whilst the current board members still hold their positions, they refuse to spend any more money on Wrexham AFC. The club is more divided, passionless and unguided than I could ever have imagined. It is a dangerous time to leave those divides unhealed and actions must be taken.

You have stated that:

“The time to pursue changes will come – and we have systems in place to ensure ALL members can have their voices heard.”

Yet you do not state what these systems are. You do not state what changes you’re open to. You do not state your intention to change, only your intention to listen. Further to that, there is a feeling that the club board has not been welcoming to criticism, suggestions and change in the past.

The bottom line is statements like this change nothing. Actions are needed to not only secure the future of the football club but to see it have a better chance of success.

The club is asking for renewed support. The price for that is change. In order for everyone to unite and to get pride, optimism and respect back into the fanbase there must be a promise from the club to enact the changes that the fanbase wants to see.

Regardless of which individuals must resign or be removed from the club the desire for change must be implemented. We must have individuals in key positions that we can put our faith in. We cannot continue with many fans boycotting the club due to certain individuals being employed here. We cannot continue with a fanbase that has no hope of change or success. We cannot continue with a set-up that has failed to reach our goals. Without changes, we will fall even further when we have already hit our lowest ever point.

We are writing to you to demand change. Change to the Wrexham Supporters Trust board, change to the Wrexham AFC club board, change to the management team and change to a re-united and once again deliriously passionate Wrexham AFC.

If you truly want the football club to succeed you do not merely have “serious questions to answer” – you have serious actions to take.

The changes we wish to see implemented are as follows:

· The immediate resignation/removal of Spencer Harris from both the Wrexham AFC club board and the Wrexham Supporters Trust board.

· The immediate resignation/removal of John Mills from both the Wrexham AFC club board and the Wrexham Supporters Trust board.

· A consistent and prominent effort to advertise for new board members to run for election onto both the Wrexham AFC club board and Wrexham Supporters Trust boards.

· All Wrexham AFC club board and Wrexham Supporters Trust board members to place themselves up for re-election

· Altering the gateway process for external investment to allow for easier access to investment negotiations with the club.

· Allow for a vote by the membership on whether to proceed with any further work on the proposed new training ground that is to be situated on the land of the former Groves school.

· A re-consideration of whether the current football manager is wanted by the supporters and whether retaining his position at the football club has a detrimental effect on attendances, support, entertainment value and future revenue streams.

Implement change.

Signed by the following supporters who wish to see changes throughout the club:

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