Disability Labour Press Release #BoycottPurpleTuesday

Disability Labour Press Release #BoycottPurpleTuesday


Purple Tuesday


Disability Labour deplores the concept of Purple Tuesday. This event, which is being held on Tuesday 13th November is an initiative endorsed by the DWP and run by a company called We are Purple to build a “partnership” between disabled people and businesses.

Fran Springfield Co-Chair of Disability Labour said;

“This is a disgraceful attempt to “sell out” disabled people to commercial entities. Every day should be an accessible shopping day!

Disability Labour are deeply concerned that the DWP which harasses and persecutes disabled people on a daily basis will use video footage to identify if claimants are shopping, what they’re purchasing and even how far they are walking.”

We are dismayed that supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Argos, M&S, and shopping centres as well as Barclays Bank have chosen to become involved in such a day.

Disability Labour will be contacting them to express our views and to encourage them not to participate in any similar schemes by We are Purple.

As Kathy Bole, Co-Vice Chair of Disability said;

“Sainsbury’s already has form in relation to sharing CCTV footage to spy on disabled benefit claimants. Their surveillance of disabled people has led to increased distress and isolation.”

[https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2018/05/29/the-dwp-has-been-colluding-with- sainsburys-to-spy-on-disabled-people]

Disability Labour calls on Labour Party members to boycott all the shops, businesses and banks taking part on 13th November, the day of Purple Tuesday.

Disability Labour also calls on DPAC to support this boycott and to campaign with us against the dodgy principles behind Purple Tuesday.

Disabled Access Day on 16th March 2019 would be a far more appropriate day for businesses to support and engage with disabled people.


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