Minutes from Petitions Committee #SaveWILG

Minutes from Petitions Committee #SaveWILG

The #SaveWILG campaign is very disappointed that the Petitions Committee failed to move towards writing a report on the petition to reconsider the closure of the Welsh Independent Living Grant.

Urgent action is required now as people continue to struggle as I know only too well. Last night I was awake from 03:00 onwards as I needed to use the urinal, could not grab the paracetamol that I needed to ease the pain in my legs and I had to struggle to get my phone that had slid under my back during a restless sleep. All these problems would have been easily prevented if I had adequate 24/7 care to allow me to live independently in the community like I deserve.

The Petitions Committee – who have been supportive so far – need to remember that there are over 1000 disabled people struggling throughout Wales who are dependant on them taking quick and decisive action.
Dear Petitioner
Please note that the actions following the Committee’s meeting have been posted on the Petitions webpage:
If you have any queries – contact me.
Petitions Committee


The Committee considered correspondence from a number of stakeholders and agreed to write to the Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care to:

  • seek a detailed update on the progress of the transition arrangements to date including the outcome of the review of all support needs which was due to be completed by the end of September; and
  • ask whether, as a middle way between ring-fencing and funding through the Revenue Support Grant, he will consider requiring local authorities to provide a report detailing actual expenditure on care packages for previous recipients of the Welsh Independent Living Grant, including the number of recipients, the average amount received per person and the total amount awarded.



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