Seconds Out: Petitions Committee Round Five #SaveWILG

Seconds Out: Petitions Committee Round Five #SaveWILG

We are hoping that the Petitions Committee will reach a positive conclusion over our petition to save the Welsh Independent Living Grant when they meet next Tuesday (23 October).

My petition was first heard over a year ago and I have since been locked in correspondence with the committee, compiled and even visited the Senedd to give evidence on why we need to #SaveWILG.

Once again, I have provided extensive evidence and have been backed up by fellow activists and even – to a point –  Local Authorities.

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome on Tuesday.


Dear Petitioner

Your petition will be considered at our next meeting on Tuesday 23 October at 9.30am.

I enclose a link to the Agenda and Public Papers for your consideration:

A live broadcast of the meeting will be available on Senedd TV at:

Kind regards,

Petitions Committee


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