Open letter to Carolyn Harris MP #SaveWILG

Open letter to Carolyn Harris MP #SaveWILG

The following letter has been sent to the Deputy Leader of Welsh Labour, Carolyn Harris MP. Thanks to Keith Sinclair for his assistance in the writing of this message.


Dear Carolyn,

Congratulations on your election as Deputy Leader from all at the #SaveWILG campaign. I would also like to thank you personally for your recent email sent following your victory. Within that message you stated that you would “be a voice for members – and I will”. 

Furthermore, you promised that you would “do all I can to empower, promote and enable women, BAME members and those who’ve not been involved before to take leadership roles in our party – and I will”.

I write to you as a disabled member of the party who is keen to promote and enable the role of disabled people in Wales. I am sure this is another key minority group full of untapped potential that you wish to empower and enable. To this end, I would ask you to urgently encourage the Welsh Assembly to support the retention of the Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG).

As you are aware, the Welsh Labour Party conference overwhelmingly passed a Clwyd South motion urging support for WILG. A very wide spectrum in support for our motion came from Labour Party AMs, MPs, CLPs and Trade Unions.

I would specifically request a meeting with your good self to discuss matters relating to WILG, specifically the future prospects of those who have benefited from it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nathan Lee Davies
Disabled Activist and Author


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