The Campaign Continues… #SaveWILG

The Campaign Continues… #SaveWILG

Life is hectic at the moment.  I have just had a meeting with Huw Irranca-Davies to discuss the future of the Welsh Independent Living Grant.  This was probably the most important meeting of my life and others present – including Ian Lucas MP – said I performed well, but as always I am my own worst critic and I feel that I should have pushed things further.  We were limited to time and I had to loads that I could not say so I am proposing another meeting in Cardiff if this guarantees us a longer meeting to discuss all the essential details.

The talk seemed to be more about how the Welsh Government could get local authorities – such as the hapless one in Wrexham – to fulfil their legal obligations in a more efficient manner.  I kept pointing out that this was not good enough as it would still leave us without representation from an external, third-party body that is independent in nature.  This is the bottom line of what we want and I will continue to campaign until we get it, although I am not holding  my breath as we search for humility and humanity within the Welsh Government.

I am overloaded with things to do as next Wednesday is the opening of the #SaveWILG art exhibition at Theatr Clwyd in Mold, North Wales.  The official media day for this is on February 2nd while on February 3rd we have a community awareness day for the #SaveWILG campaign.  We have managed to line up lots of exciting entertainment and a really good day is in store.  We hope to see you there 🙂

Our North-East Wales WLG/M comrades are centrally involved in organising this great event. It will be a fantastic occasion, but we need to get as many people there as possible! This is a day of entertainment and information. There is alcohol, soft drinks and food on sale at the venue and there is full Disabled access and a Disabled toilet. Some of our comrades are performing, but we would love to hear back from you or anyone you know how is in any way creative and/or a performer. Please do get in contact with either Vic Grout ( or Louise Bosanquet ( if you would like to perform or know someone who would. The least we hope anyone can do is promote this event by sharing the flyer and printing it off and putting around your area, disability groups, CLPs etc etc. Raising awareness of the event is crucial to the campaign’s success! The event is FREE to all. Please do help in any way you can!

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