DPAC Video: Jenny Hurst’s Story #TrashTheTories

DPAC Video: Jenny Hurst’s Story #TrashTheTories

Everyone connected with Disabled People Against Cuts has been working hard on social media to promote the #TrashTheTories campaign. I have been tweeting as if my life depended on it  – it sort of does – and now we are sharing these videos in an attempt to illustrate why a vote for the ‘nasty party’ should not even be a consideration.

These videos are excellently produced and highlight why we need #GE17 to produce a total change of Government that will work for the many, not the few.

Do you really think the Conservatives are strong and stable leaders? Watch Jenny’s story to hear how Tory policies are forcing disabled people onto benefits rather than getting us back into the workplace. Strong and stable or weak and wobbly? #GE2017

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