Wrexham DPAC #TrashTheTories

Wrexham DPAC #TrashTheTories

So its time for the final push. I will be going around the local village later to post Trash The Tories leaflets that I have left over from my protest in Wrexham town centre yesterday. GE17 has been an exciting time that has seen me invest a lot of money in DPAC materials – such as a banner and leaflets – and make many friends as we fight for a change of government. The campaign has allowed me to engage with the local community, meet comedy icon Steve Coogan and flood social media with #TrashTheTories literature.

All this has been done in the name of Wrexham DPAC which I hope will continue to grow and prosper long into the future, whatever the result on Thursday. I’m sorry to have to rush this blog entry but there is still time to convince people to #TrashTheTories and #VoteLabour.

Here are some of my highlights-





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