Every Cloud…

Every Cloud…

According to Wikipedia, Tanka (短歌, “short poem”?) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature.  Below you can read the 17th of my 2017 poems. 

The aim is to write as many of these poems as possible to build a comprehensive picture of life with a disability in 21st century Britain. 

A BlissCloud stranger

Shows true kindness towards me

A gentle, calm voice

To shine her positivity

During dark, depressing days

Anna Katrina Challacombe is a health coach and holistic therapist. She helps mothers committed to change, move through transitions and reach higher levels of energy, vitality and wellbeing. With practical tools, listening skills and coaching packages tailor made to meet individual needs. She can help you shine.

She is also the creator of BlissCloud yoga mats.


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