Letter to Ian Lucas MP for Wrexham

Letter to Ian Lucas MP for Wrexham

Dear Ian

Hope you are well and good to see you, Lesley and Carwyn at the Racecourse the other week – such a shame about the performance and result [Wrexham lost 1-3 to Woking].

Firstly, a word on the Food Waste (Reduction) Bill as many farmers are being forced to throw away up to 40% of their v9eg every week because they’re millimetres off meeting supermarkets’ strict standards.

This Friday, as my MP, please can you help change this by attending the debate on the Food Waste (Reduction) Bill? If you attend the debate and support this new law supermarkets would have to stop rejecting perfectly good food.

I would also like to set-up a meeting with your good self to discuss independent living and ask if you would be willing to press the Tories hard about the  amount of money they give to the devolved governments, or local authorities in England, to cover independent living.

It is not good enough to simply pass on the same amount of money distributed in 2015 under the now dissolved Independent Living Fund as this does not account for new claimants or changes in circumstances. As someone with a progressive disability, I fear that the time will come – sooner rather than later – when I won’t be able to pay for the  hours of care needed for me to remain living independently in the community. The Tories must be challenged and stopped from pushing ahead with fascist plans that boil down to nothing less than systematic social cleansing.

I am also interested in discovering if there is any disabled representation with Wrexham Council and how to get involved.

Speak soon

Nathan Lee Davies

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